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The Chavadi Near Saibaba Temple Shirdi


The word Chavadi means that a meeting place for the villagers. Saibaba used this south-facing Chavadi for discourses along with his disciples and devotees. One day, rattled by a very violent storm, the devotees advised Him to shift from the crumbling and leaky Dwarakamai to the comparatively sturdier Chavadi. Baba refused initially however succumbed to the love and concern of His devotees. Thereafter, He slept in Chavadi each alternate day and stuck to this routine. Stay in the most luxurious hotels in shirdi which is hotel Kundan Regency. It is one amongst the best hotels in shirdi.

On entering Chavadi, one will see a plaque bearing the name of Chinchanikar family. The issueless couple was devoted to Shri Sai and had offered the proceeds of a favorable court finding of fact for repairing CHAVADI. With Baba’s grace, the family’s name has been immortalized by being eternally connected to Baba’s Chavadi. book hotel in shirdi and stay lavishly in Hotel Kundan Regency.

The Chavadi


The Chavadi features a divided entrance, the left one being solely reserved for females with the males going through the proper entrance. The enclosure on the left is graced by the oil painting of artist Ambaram of Navasari who place his dream regarding baba on a canvas. within the enclosure on the right, baba gazes out of a black and white portrait, sheathed in a very glass box with its border laced with silver. This photograph is known because the ‘Raj Upachar pose’. This photograph is taken out each Thursday with nice reverence in an elaborate ceremony that leaves the milling audience mesmerized. This beautiful hotels near shirdi temple is offers best lowest hotel deals in shirdi.

The procession is telecast board the Shirdi temple complex. It begins from Samadhi Mandir wherever the raj Upachar photograph has been transferred. Tilak and Naivedya are applied and offered to the photograph and it's taken in a very procession through Samadhi Mandir and placed on the adorned palanquin in Dwarakamai. The procession, led by dance troupes, Lazium players and drum playing cadres, bands of musicians and flag bearing devotees, presents an exhilarating spectacle and halts before of the Chavadi. The photograph is then carried back to Chavadi, accompanied by a phalanx of staff-bearers and a chillum is offered to baba and Aarti is performed. Entire Shirdi watches with bated breath, each eye riveted on numerous facets of baba. Stay in Hotel Kundan Regency as it is the best budget family Hotels in Shirdi. This hotel provides the best standard rooms in shirdi.