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Shani Shingnapur Shirdi


In the present time where, alongside the technology advances, crimes to become more subtle and therefore the concerns for more and more security measures gains priority, is it possible to imagine an area wherever folks live in harmony in no-door-no-locks-houses? it's going to seem unbelievable however as a matter of fact, true! there is indeed a small hamlet wherever homes and other buildings like outlets have no doors, which place is within the country of infinite legends and myths – India. Hotel Kundan Recency has the most luxurious hotels rooms in shirdi. It is one amongst the most famous hotels in shirdi.

That distinctive place is ‘Shani Shingnapur’, a village located in Maharashtra state about 60 km from the popular pilgrim place Shirdi and 350 km far away from Mumbai.
The place where several go to get blessed by the Lord Shanishwara, the presiding divinity of the temple at Shani Shingnapur is Lord Shanidev or Lord Shanishwara who is believed to be the personification of the planet Saturn. he's revered and is adorned with tons of devotion by his devotees. several folks from across the entire world come back to Shani Shingnapur to induce religious benefits. The divinity is of black stone and this sight sends several devotees into a frenzy. This hotel provides the best accommodation at shirdi and also is the most affordable hotels in shirdi. book Hotel room in Shirdi and stay in the best hotel of Shirdi near Sai Baba Temple.

In Shani Shingnapur village, folks board homes with no doors for generations! Here one will find only curtains (that is additionally rare) within the place of doors. the only temporary guard is barriers – that too to stay off stray animals. Here villagers get to their daily routines while not bothering about their house’s security or worry of thieves. For them, everything is dedicated to Lord Shani. the assumption is, whoever steals something from this place can incur the wrath of Shani God and can acquire his/her sins very dearly. once Shani Shingnapur natives go outside their village, they don’t raise their neighbors to stay a vigil on their house & belongings. there's no police station in this village too. they need no role here! hotel booking in shirdi is very convenient for all and also they can have the best lowest hotel deals in shirdi with Hotel Kundan Regency which is the best hotel; in Shirdi and gives the best accommodation in Shirdi.